Distance learning and seminars  
MSc Complementary Health Sciences
Focal Topic: Biophotons

  • The MSc course is a transnational initiative which is included in the framework of the "Leonardo da Vinci" programme of the European Commission

  • It is supported by more than 30 international university institutes – the for complementary and integrated health sciences

  • It documents a Europe wide concerted standard in academic scientific and psychosocial qualification for professionals in alternative, complementary and integrated health care

  • It is delivered by the Interuniversity College Graz / Castle of Seggau

  • The focal topic "Biophotons" is taught by the Health Angel Academy, Drammen

European Master’s –
supported distance learning and seminars

  • seminars: 4 weekends per year over two and a half years

  • includes reflection of your own competency, self awareness and communication training

  • interdisciplinary theory related to your practice, psychosocial, research and PR skills in CAM

  • Internet-assisted work through correspondence lessons, tutor’s support and feedback (ca. 6h / week)

  • exploration of course contents in everyday work, in-depth home studies, writing a Master’s thesis

What kind of health are we aiming for?
Working across the disciplines, working for a voice in the health system

  • Your qualification
    • graduate (Bac or +) in a health-related training programme, or equivalent in the areas of medicine, therapy, counselling, social science, public health, research or teaching
    • training in CAM or complementary health care, a psychosocial or scientific field
    • aptitude for interdisciplinary and inter-hierarchical networking in students’ groups and in the health care sector
    • willingness to engage in intensive self-awareness and communication processes
    • interest in further personal and professional qualification
  • Your interests
    • an interdisciplinary language for CAM, including biology, psychology, sociology …
    • quality assurance through
      • knowledge of health matters – conventional and complementary, individual and social: what promotes health?
      • communication skills – with continuous work in small groups with an emphasis on depth psychology (Balint): healing comes about through relationship
      • understanding CAM from its physiological background (e.g. cybernetics) and its paradigms (e.g. similarity)
      • a survey of CAM including research results, and an orientation in the jungle of therapies – with continuous work in small groups on presentation, reflection and supervision of the participants’ interdisciplinary background
      • understanding CAM from its intercultural and epistemological background
      • knowledge of working and writing scientifically – both according to conventional and CAM criteria
    • psychohygienics and stress relief for yourself and in your environment
    • teamwork in the healthcare sector, teamwork as a research fellow of the
  • Your investment
    • For the MSc Course as is delivered by the Interuniversity College: a total of € 12.000.-, to be paid in 5 parts of € 2.400 each. This covers all obligatory study material such as correspondence lessons, books, files
    • For the focal topic “Biophotons” as is delivered by the Health Angel Academy: see overleaf

Info: (Dr. Chris Endler) (Dr. Johan Boswinkel)

Further education means professional advancement as well as personal growth